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Dexis branding


about dexis consulting group

Dexis Consulting Group, a large federal government contractor, graduated from a small business of 40 employees in 2015 to a large business of 200+ employees in 2017 and was in need of a new brand identity and brand touchpoints.

My role at Dexis

I spearheaded the change management process of updating the look, feel, and tone of Dexis' new tools as well as responded to urgent branding needs as the company moved into it's new headquarters. 




Secondary logos

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Branding Guidelines


I established visual branding standards for the company to implement and maintain. These guidelines set the standard company presentations, colors, voice, look and feel. They can be accessed through an internal company portal.

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DIGITAL BRAND TOUCHPOINTS | Internal communications

Company Newsletters

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Social media recruiting video

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In an effort to drive traffic to our social media sites, as well as attract future employees, an external marketing video was produced made by existing Dexis employees. The intention was to set Dexis apart from standard industry corporate videos. I was responsible for conceptual design, execution, editing and launching the social media campaign. 


Marketing Factsheets



PHYSICAL Brand touchpoints


Corporate business cards


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External brand signage

Design and management of new external signage at Dexis headquarters.



Internal signage


Design and installation of conference room graphics. 3M printed graphics on glass. The content of the graphics derive from employee's personal work goals. 



artwork for dexis events

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